Can I leave my bedding in the roof top tent even when it's packed down?

Yes, we did you a favour and included larger hinges than other roof top tents available so that bedding and pillows can be tucked away permanently in the tent while closed and travelling. 

Can I fold down the roof top tent when it’s wet?

You can. Just make sure the windows are shut and the tent will keep the water out. We don’t recommend leaving a wet tent packed up for more than two days. Always open your tent up and dry it out before placing it away for storage. 

Does moisture build up inside?

In cold weather and with windows shut some moisture can form. We recommend having side windows open slightly if moisture is forming. Xplora roof top tents have the unique addition of two air vents right at the top of the tent to stop condensation forming.

What if I need replacement parts?

Most of the roof top tent parts can be pretty easily replaced and we have a full range of replacement parts available should the need arise.

Is it easy to remove the xplora tent from my vehicle when I'm not using it?

Yes, removing the roof top tent is very simple. All that is needed is to unfasten the mounting hardware. Do this by sliding it out from the mounting channels and lifting the tent from your vehicle's roof. It takes about 8 minutes and it's worth grabbing another set of hands to help lift.

What is the Xplora Roof Top Tent made from?

New Zealand's climate is complex and varies from warm subtropical in the far north to cool temperate climates in the far south. With a wide variety of landscapes, one trip can take you from severe alpine conditions to intense sunny beaches.

When we set out to design a tent for New Zealand conditions we knew it had to be well built. With this in mind our tents are constructed with our heavy duty, UV resistant 420gsm ripstop poly cotton canvas. With double stitching throughout, strong zippers and industrial stainless hardware, you’re set to adventure!  We've also added our high density foam mattress with a removable machine washable cotton cover.

Do I need to season my tent? How can I?

While it’s not necessary, you can season your roof top tent to ensure the fibres and seams swell for a completely weatherproof seal.

Just like how you would season a normal tent, you’ll need to completely wet down the canvas on your rooftop tent, then allow it to completely dry. This allows the fibres, material and seams to swell then shrink together to prevent any rain or water getting in.

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