Hi, welcome to the home of Xplora Camping & Outdoors.

If you’ve made it here, chances are you are a lot like us: explorers, adventurers. Travellers who aren't afraid of forging new trails. Wanderers that aren't lost. The kind of people who enjoy finding new ways to drive from A to B; who choose the longest hike on the trail map; who love a long weekend away at that remote camping spot.


The best business ideas are often found in the things that drive us, our passions. That’s how Blake O’Loughlin came to create Xplora: a camping and outdoors enthusiasts brand, focusing on comfort and convenience in their range of high quality equipment.

As a bit of a wild man himself, Blake has been hunting, tramping, camping and fishing since way back. He’ll take any excuse to grab some mates and get lost in the bush, tackle new off-road driving trails or discover an uncrowded fishing spot.

With so much time spent exploring the great outdoors in all seasons, Xplora is Blake’s answer to a need for outdoors gear that matches the wild and unpredictable kiwi elements. Designed to withstand all weather conditions, across most types of terrain.


Escape into the great outdoors without giving up the creature comforts of home.

Xplora’s range comes together around your 4WD, creating a mobile camper with roof top tents and vehicle awnings.

Stay connected with LED lighting, solar panels, fridge-freezers, deep cell batteries and easy to use battery boxes.

Make sure you can get there and back again using our vehicle recovery gear, from heavy duty tracks to our high powered winches.

Our goal is to make the wild and wonderful natural environment accessible to more people, without compromising on the comfort and connectivity we’ve come to expect.

Xplora makes the outdoors better with high quality materials and smart design elements that are tested by real outdoors and 4WD enthusiasts. Find out what all the fuss is about and join the Xplora family.

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