Xplora MPPT Solar Controller
Xplora MPPT Solar Controller
Xplora MPPT Solar Controller
Xplora MPPT Solar Controller
Xplora MPPT Solar Controller
Xplora MPPT Solar Controller
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Xplora MPPT Solar Controller

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MPPT Controller

Xplora MPPT Solar Controller

The key to a successful solar setup, the Xplora MPPT Controller converts solar DC into DC that's useable by your battery.

SRNE MPPT Solar Controllers offer a top-quality MPPT controller for an affordable price. Available in 20A, 30A, and 40A.

The controller allows you to specify battery type including Lithium, has an on-board LCD display to view solar input, battery status, charge status, and much more.


  • With the PowerCatcher MPPT technology, the controller is able to track the maximum power point of solar panels even in a complex environment. It has a higher response speed and tracking efficiency compared with those controllers with traditional MPPT technology.
  • The maximum power point tracking algorithm can significantly improve the energy utilization efficiency of photovoltaic systems. The charging efficiency is 15% to 20% higher than the conventional PWM method.
  • Automatic charging voltage regulation function: When there is battery open circuit or lithium battery BMS overcharge protection, the controller battery terminal will output at the rated charging voltage value.
  • MPPT tracking efficiency is up to 99.9%.
  • Advanced digital power technology raises the circuit energy conversion efficiency to 98%.
  • Support charging lithium batteries, gel batteries, sealed batteries, and vented batteries, etc.
  • The controller features a limited current charging mode. When the solar panel power exceeds a certain level and charging current is larger than the rated current, the controller will automatically lower the charging power and bring the charging current to the rated level.
  • Support automatic identification of lead-acid battery voltage.
  • The controller can be connected with LCD screen or Bluetooth module so that users can not only check operating data and status, but also modify the controller parameters.
  • The controller is available for standard Modbus protocol and meets different communication needs.
  • The controller has an overheat protection mechanism. When the temperature exceeds the set value, the charging current will decline in linear proportion and discharging will be shut off to curb the temperature rise of the controller and keep the controller from being damaged by overheat.
  • Featuring a temperature compensation function, the controller can automatically adjust charging and discharging parameters to extend the lifespan of battery.
  • Solar panel short circuit protection, battery open circuit protection, and TVS lightning protection etc.




System voltage


No-load loss

0.7 W to 1.2W

Battery voltage

9V to 35V

Max. solar input voltage

100V (25) 90V (-25)

Max. power point voltage range

Battery Voltage+2V to 75V

Rated charging current



Rated load current


Max. capacitive load capacity


Max. photovoltaic systerm  input power




Conversion efficiency


MPPT tracking efficiency


Temperature compensation factor


Operating temperature

-35  to +45

Protection degree





Communication method



≤ 3000m

Product dimensions

210 x 151 x 59.5mm



Xplora has something for all your solar needs!

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